Jim Riche Photographic Print - Merito House & 57 T-Bird

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Jim Riche Photographic Print -Merito House & 57 T-Bird

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Jim Riche Photographic Print -Merito House & 57 T-Bird

Artist's Statement;
I will forever be searching through nature’s beauty and the hard edge of an architect’s design to find light, shadow, texture, and a sense of balance. I concentrate on the beauty of design, composition and use the camera and light to create a new vision of the building and scenes I photograph. I look for the beauty of design in the normally overlooked aspects of an object or setting. I focus in on the elements that make up a vast architectural structure, a deserted desert homestead or the beauty of nature’s design in landscapes.

I produce what my mind sees and still try to be true to an architect’s intent, whether the architect was man or Mother Nature. There is design in everything we see and it is the eye of a designer that can find the right angle and framing to make the most of what is presented to us. I look around, I set the camera for a shot and then look behind me; I look up. There is always another way to see and find the next image. If I “see” it with my eyes I can create it, if I don’t “see” it, then the best camera and lens in the world can’t capture it.

I will continue to pursue the unusual, the parts of a building overlooked, the deserted desert town where life once thrived and the Salton Sea.

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